11 Best Properties for Leaf-Peeping This Fall

Because what’s more festive than foliage?

The debate of when fall really starts is as divisive as pumpkin spice. While some rush enthusiastically into the cashmere-clothed arms of autumn before the autumnal equinox, there are others who subscribe to a more “endless summer” approach. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, one thing’s universally true: The changing of the leaves is as poetic and grounding as it was when you first shaded over them with crayons in elementary school.

So what’s a city-bound spectator to do? A weekend of leaf-peeping is just the thing. You will need a fall-friendly spirit, ample apple cider donuts, cozy knits, and a lovely place to call home base. Now’s not the time for sleek amenities. A great leaf-peeping headquarters should have some combination of a hearth, large windows, and proximity to foliage.

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